Enrolling Teams to NCSA Soccer Alliance League

Once the current season league has been set up, associations will need to enroll their teams. Here are the instructions on how to get your teams entered into the league . These instructions should be completed by someone in the association that has Full Access like the Registrar or Association President.

1. Log into your Association GotSoccer Account at https://www.gotsport.com/asp/directors/login.asp

2. Click on the following application link to enroll your club in the league: Enroll Here (click “Apply to NCSA Fall 2018” then click “Join League”

3. Go to your Association GotSoccer Account again. Click on “Home Association” and then “Teams”. Under Filters, select Page Size = 100 and then “Apply Filters”. This way all your teams should be showing on one page.

4. Under the drop down “Enter Teams in an in-house League, Training Program, or other associated event” choose “NCSA Fall 2018” and click SELECT. It will now show teams NOT entered in NCSA Fall 2018.

5. Place a check next to all of the teams you want to enter into the Metroplex League and click ENTER SELECTED TEAMS. Your teams are now entered into the league.

Important Notes of things to do BEFORE your enter your teams into the league:

– Make sure coaches are assigned to each team and that they have phone numbers attached to their profiles.

– Team names must have the same format across the league. The proper format is TEAM NAME and TEAM YEAR. For example, if your team is called the Blue Devils and they are wanting to play in the U10 age group, then they would be BLUE DEVILS 09.  The City or Association name does not need to be included in the team name. GotSoccer will automatically add this and it will be listed twice if you put it in there. GRANBURY BLUE DEVILS 09 is incorrect. BLUE DEVILS 09 is correct. When listed on the schedule, GotSoccer will add GRANBURY to make it show GRANBURY BLUE DEVILS 09.

– Make sure each team has a team ID.