Setting Preferred Divisions for Teams

In accordance with NCSA Soccer Alliance Bylaws and Playing Rules Section 26.2

26.2 Prior to the division meeting, each Home Association will rank their teams according to ability of the team and coach. Each member association and the NCSA Secretary-Treasurer will also provide the following information about each team:

a) if the team core has returned meaning more than 50% of the players returned to the team
b) is the coach a new or returning coach
c) the team’s previous division
d) the team’s previous record and placement
e) any other pertinent information that may factor in the team’s division placement

1. Log into your Association GotSoccer Account at

2. Click on “Home Assoc” and then “Teams”

3. Under Filters, Filter by Upcoming Event, Choose “NCSA Fall 2018” and click apply filters. You should now only see teams that registered for NCSA Fall 2018

4. Under the “Applications” column, click view for the team you want to look at

5. Click on “NCSA Fall 20158

6. Under “Preferred Division” select the appropriate choice then click “Save”